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Are you an LGBTQQ+ or Ally youth ages 13-24

Do you want to learn more about LGBTQQ+ history in San Francisco?

Do you live, work, go to school, or have a connection to San Francisco

Do you want to MAKE MONEY?

APPLY TO SLI Internships for LGBTQQ+ & allies!

Castro History Tour– Spring 2024 (Ages 13-18)

Join our paid internship to build community with your fellow interns, grow your job readiness skills, and learn about San Francisco queer history in a social justice internship!

Undocu Workforce– Spring 2024 (Ages 14-24)

Learn about the connection between immigration and LGBTQQ+ history! Connect with other youth and learn more about LGBTQQ+ history, job readiness, skills, social justice, and more!

Sign up for our Spring internships Here

Learn more about SLI!

Sequoia Leadership Institute (SLI) internships are paid and scholarship-based opportunities for LQBTQQ+ youth and allies to build community, learn about social justice, and develop leadership and job readiness skills.

Interns get to know their peers, engage in interactive discussions, work on creative projects, and take part in community building activities. They co-create a final project, such as a zine or online art gallery, expanding upon the skills that they learned throughout the internship.

We are looking for youth who are:

  • Connected to the LGBTQQ+ community
  • Invested in learning about social justice and LGBTQ+ hxstory
  • Motivated to acquire job readiness skills
  • Excited to work in a team


The unique strengths, creativity and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQQ) youth and allies are the foundation of the Sequoia Leadership Institute.

Real work experience, community building and skills for life come together to support LGBTQQ and ally youth to step up as leaders and designers of lasting social change.


Get paid or earn a scholarship to build the kind of community you want to be a part of. Internships with Sequoia Leadership Institute are all about supporting youth to make a difference in your community.

Interns join LYRIC throughout the year and each internship position includes a variety of opportunities including small projects at LYRIC, community event planning, and political advocacy.


The Sequoia Leadership Institute is much more than a work experience. Every internship includes education, support and creative opportunities that help build skills for life.

Interns learn with and from one another about life topics including individual and community health, identity, social justice, advocacy, leadership, community building, college prep, and career planning.

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summer in the city 2021

Summer in the City 2021 interns have created a virtual guide full of resources for youth in the queer community!

Dorothy’s Dictionary is full of queer history, vocabulary for gender and sexuality and rebuttals for anti-queer arguments. Playing on the historical saying, “are you a friend of Dorothy?” interns have created a guide for all things queer!

View Dorothy’s Dictionary here.

This is a youth-lead, unique contribution to queer history. Full of diverse perspectives of queer history and queer studies, youth have gone through an intentional and creative learning process after building community together in a nine week social justice internship.

Castro History TOUR Spring 2021

In spring, interns created a virtual LGBTQ+ history tour of San Francisco, learned about social justice, job readiness, leadership skills, and built community.

Our interns are leaving the internship with a better understanding of LGBTQ+ movements and the people that have influenced San Francisco communities to become what they are today.

Visit CHT 2021 to view individual pages or download the full tour here.