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LYRIC programs and outreach has more than doubled in recent years to meet an increasing level of need – compounded in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are dedicated to providing the most highly personalized wrap-around support and community connections available – while launching plans to expand and renovate our aging facilities.

We now seek to engage our long-time supporters, and attract new, caring visionaries, to secure a total of $7M. To date, $4.8M has been raised from across the Bay Area community and beyond – from nearly 100 individuals, foundations, companies and other organizations. All levels of support will be put to good use.

With your help, we are creating more relevant spaces for youth participants and the staff who serve them throughout LYRIC’s Youth Center, located in the heart of San Francisco’s historic Castro District – an international beacon of hope for LGBTQ++ young people. And, with the visionary, heartfelt generosity of so many, construction has begun!

Lyric House

Check Out the Future LYRIC Youth Center

A highlight of LYRIC’s renovation plans is to enlarge our first-floor space and transform an unused large rear yard storage annex to realize 50% more critically needed, accessible youth programming spaces. 

Annotated Ground Floor Plan

With this critical expansion, LYRIC will finally be able to provide our next generation with engaging, well-equipped facilities for a level of highly coordinated, wrap-around, personalized counseling and peer group programs that are proven to be the optimal standard for deep, lasting impact with each individual served.

” LYRIC has been a second home to me. As LYRIC has grown in the number of youth that come in and the programs it serves, the smaller space has been difficult to navigate, especially when disabled. This is a fantastic example of a nonprofit listening to the youth and community they’re serving and the concerns we have around access. I’m really hopeful and excited for this renovation to take place, and for my bond with LYRIC to be stronger because of it.” – Leif P., LYRIC youth leader

Main Entry
Main Entry

Thank you for your interest in supporting Bay Area LGBTQQ+ youth, including their aspirations and well-being, by exploring more about how LYRIC provides a safe place to connect, grow and become!  For more information about participating in LYRIC’s Flourish Campaign please contact: Laura Lala-Chávez, Executive Director at [email protected]. As desired, significant donor recognition will be available for leading supporters.


FLOURISH Campaign Supporters

Many thanks to our Flourish Campaign supporters. With your help, construction of our expansion has begun!


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


City and County of San Francisco

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Kimball Foundation

Morris Stulsaft Foundation

Andrei Dunca

Marcelo Tourne and Keith Koller

Bothin Foundation

Tom Raffin

Duff Okuloski Giving Fund

Matthew Denckla


Collier Schwartz Social Justice Fund

Paula Griffiths

Jeff Lewy and Ed Eishen

Susan Lowenberg, John Lum and Joyce Newstat

O’Hanlon-Walker Fund of Horizons Foundation

Barry Taylor Philanthropic Fund

Lazy Bear Fund

Dana Kivel, Sharon Eghigian & 28 Friends Birthday Fund

Victoria Mongiardo and Branko Milakovic


Girls Just Want to Have Fun(d)

Scott Levokove

Janet Sims and Betsy Allen

Jane Segal

Bornstein-Strauss Family Fund

Bank of San Francisco

Lesbians for Good

Pamela Merchant and Kirby Sack

Louette Colombano (in honor of Marta Drury)

Ron Wong and Mike Tekulsky

Roberta Achtenberg and Susan Shain

Dr. Marcy Adelman

Hon. Mark Leno


Michael Appel

Phyllis Schwartz

LaDoris H. Cordell

Stephen H. Adams

Pam David

Bevan Dufty

Jeannie Fraise

Roma Guy and Diane Jones

Mark Kelleher and Hon. José Cisneros

Yashomati Koul

Robert W. Sass and Larry Dark

Issa Sweidan

Kelly Anneken’s Lack of Variety Hour

Stephen Huey

Phil Kim

Vern and Annie Norviel

Wilson Sonsini Foundation

Matt Bissinger

Margaret and Henry Brodkin

Adrienne Hirt and Jeffrey Rodman

Yoel Kahn and Dan Bellm

Michael Blubaugh

Donna Ozawa

Martha Knutzen and Fran Kipnis

David Madson

Courtney / Bev Scott

Timothy Sweeney

Hillary Ware

Mary Twomey and Carol Yaggy

Michael Kyle

Cynthia Goldstein and Gloria Shaffer

Derek Jentzsch

Stuart Plunkett and Anthony Laskovski

Casey Sasner

Eddie Shieh

Craig Souza

Zachary Ontiveros

Updated 4/13/23