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LYRIC’s Response to Coronavirus Health Crisis and Shelter-In-Place Mandate

As San Francisco’s residents are told to stay home in response to the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, LYRIC is keeping their lights on for the city’s most vulnerable youth. LYRIC youth are low-income (99%), youth of color (78%), and 24% are immigrants; 61% have urgent needs for mental health/substance use services, 45%  are persons with disabilities, and 39% are homeless/unstably housed.

Our participants have compounding risk factors associated with their LGBQQ+ identity (87%) and nearly half (47%) identifying as transgender/gender non-conforming (TGNC). Our youth are navigating unsupportive relationships with parents, cyber-bullying, and limited access to support. LYRIC’s programs are often the ONLY safe space our youth can have their identities acknowledged and accepted. LYRIC, therefore, is committed to offer ongoing support to our youth during these difficult times, including providing the following services:

Mental Health/Psycho-Social Support Groups

In the best of times, LGBTQQ young people experience isolation resulting in increased mental health challenges and barriers to positive youth development.  Our youth are reporting “the current pandemic and requirements to shelter-in-place have heightened the need for connection.”  LYRIC is stepping up by providing access to one-on-one support by phone, text, video chat, and group video format for continued group connection.  LYRIC staff who support middle school students, high school students, and transitional aged youth (TAY 18-24) continue to connect with participants and offer tangible supports to youth.

Workforce Development/Paid Opportunities

With the shelter-in-place mandates, many people are being laid off, especially in the service industry.  LYRIC is maintaining paid workforce development internships using a group video format that keeps youth interns engaged, learning, and earning money.  We currently have one internship, Castro History Tour, launched in February 2021.

Safety Net Services

Access to safety net services and basic needs have been strained by this Coronavirus crisis.  LYRIC’s Health & Wellness Navigation staff are working to connect LGBTQQ youth to healthcare and housing, and LYRIC Youth Advocates continue to support youth in accessing needed services and supports, including emergency supply gift cards.

We hope that the increased needs of our participants will be matched by increased giving from our funding partners, so none of our youth feel isolated, go unpaid, or have unmet basic needs. Together we can continue to keep LYRIC’s lights on for LGBGTQQ youth in San Francisco.

– LYRIC Leadership

Services at LYRIC for LGBTQQ+ youth during shelter-in-place


LYRIC Program staff will link youth to the support they need

Call (415)703-6150 x 100, or email [email protected]

Monday – Friday, 11 am – 6 pm (closed 1 pm – 2 pm)


Every Thursday and Friday from 12-5 pm, youth will be able to drop in and access food, and various basic need items as well as youth advocacy, housing navigation, and prep navigation!

LYRIC is located at 127 Collingwood St., San Francisco, 94114

Outdoor patio access ONLY; wheelchair accessible

Call/text Enzo at (415)690-0054 or email [email protected]

Access to HIV Prevention/PrEP – (13 – 24 years old)

LYRIC Staff can help facilitate the process for youth to get tested and access HIV prevention /PrEP during shelter-in-place

Contact Sonia at [email protected] or learn more at

Detention/In-custody based supports

LYRIC’s detention/in-custody based supports at JJC & County Jail on hiatus during “shelter-in-place” order.

Detained youth and in-custody young adults (18-24) can contact Vy (she/her) [email protected] for 1:1 support.


Housing assessment and navigation, includes access to funds to stay housed.

Learn more about LYRIC’s housing referrals and navigation, view here.

Contact Adam (he/him/his) at [email protected]

Transitional Age Youth (TAY, 18-24 yr olds)

YOuth Advocacy

Contact Mischa via [email protected] or text (510) 426-6014

LYRIC Community Building Groups

Accessibility Notes: Groups held primary in English. Groups will meet virtually starting May 2020 until further notice.

For more information about LYRIC Community Building Groups, view here.

Workforce and leadership Development

Community leadership program (TAY, 18 – 24)

Paid employment and virtual cohort

Contact Julie (she/her/hers) at [email protected]

For more information about Community Leadership Program, view here.

Mentorship (TAY, 18 – 24)

Educational scholarships and virtual cohort

Contact Wendy (they/they/their; she/her/hers) at [email protected]

For more information about Mentorship, view here.

Artistic Resistance (TAY, 18 – 24)

Educational scholarships and virtual cohort

Contact Jonathan (they/them/their) at [email protected]

For more information about Artistic Resistance, view here.

What’s the T – a tgnc yOUTH sPACE (18 and under)

Wednesdays, 3-4 pm

Virtual Trans Gender Non-Conforming space for youth 18 years old and younger to learn about the diversity of genders and sexualities, and TGNC health & wellness. Part of LYRIC’s Community Building Groups.

For more information on What’s the T contact Sonemani (they/them/their) at [email protected]

Middle School and High School Q Groups (18 and under)

LYRIC resumed virtual groups mid-April 2020 in concurrent with SFUSD’s virtual classroom start.V

View the school sites for school-year 2020-2021, and learn more about Q Groups on the SBI page here.

For more information about LYRIC’s School-Based initiative, contact the SBI Team at [email protected]