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Youth Zine

LYRIC Queer and TGNC Community Youth Leaders create a mixed media zine tribute to Felicia Flames Trans Pride 2023 at her Intergenerational TGI Brunch
About Felicia Elizondo, also known as Felicia Flames, was a self-described “activist, entertainer, historian, trailblazer, Tenderloin queen, legend, icon, diva, (32)-year survivor of AIDS, and Vietnam war veteran.
About Intergenerational Brunch: Join us for a FREE event celebrating our trans and gender non-conforming community members! LYRIC, Openhouse, & Trans March are excited to co-host our annual event, formerly known as the Trans Youth & Elder Brunch. Fix a plate, enjoy the DJs, & grow our community. Join in the Trans March starting later at 6pm.

Felicia Flames Tribute Poem

By De’Ahevon J

Jun 21, 2023

I am a woman 

I am a force 

I am powerful 

I am unforgettable 

I am the past, and I will be the future 

I am the phoenix that rose from your flames

I came from you

Born of your desires 

Fed on by your expectations 

I am a woman 

I want you to see me as you see yourself 

But you see me through your broken mirror

Your life is not my own 

And I can not stand still for standing on my own 

I am a force 

I don’t’ want your biases

I don’t want your thoughts and prayers 

But you think there is beauty in this madness

I am powerful 

All I want is for you to admire me 

I want to be revered for standing in my truth 

But the ground we walk on is different by design 

See the difference between yours and mine is that 

I am in quicksand and you are on dry land 

I am unforgettable 

I fight with all my might just to keep my pinky dry 

You prance along and stare at the night sky 

Yet I am left wondering why 

I am the past, and I will be the future 

I am not sad because I had to be the first 

I am not angry because I had to fight off your grandfather with my purse 

I am not bitter because I was ill treated by your society

I am the phoenix that rose from your flames

I will fight 

For what is my right 

To be a human 

I am to be loved, adored and respected

I am to be loved like there is no tomorrow 

A conversation shouldn’t end without the words leaving your lips 

Loved like the memories you replay in your head before you go to sleep 

Love me the way you love yourself 

Giving kindness and grace with every step you take 

I want a love that runs deeper than the ocean

I want a love that is unshakable 

Love that doesn’t run when minds don’t align 

Never ending love 

A new found love  

I want to be adored 

When I speak I want you to ask me for more 

Hanging on to each and every word 

Look at me and see every part of me 

See that I’m more 

More than the labels, my body, and my skin 

I am my thoughts, my opinions, my environment 

I am who I was designed to be

I want to be respected 

I don’t want it to go undetected 

That you stand with me in solidarity 

In who I choose to be 

I want you to see me 

For everything I am, and nothing you want me to be 

Dance in the flames with me 

XOXO, Felicia