TGNC Health & Wellness

LYRIC Youth Advocacy

We support young trans and gender non-conforming people in the goals they choose for themselves. In the past these have included:

  • transition-related non-medical devices, e.g., binders, bras, packers, etc., that support folks presenting the way they wish
  • navigating medical and insurance systems
  • finding therapists and mental health providers
  • accessing care such as acupuncture, vocal therapy, chiropractors
  • preparing emotionally for medical visits and procedures
  • searching for and applying to employment and leadership opportunities
  • accessing and maintaining housing
  • changing and obtaining identity documents like state IDs, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and passports
  • navigating gender- and sex-based marginalization and oppression from friends, family, community, providers, etc.

What’s the T? Community Building Group for TGNC youth

  • A community building group for trans and gender non-conforming youth 18 and under to meet each other, build relationships, and discuss topics like healthy communication, gender journeys, TGNC hxstory, sewing, astrology, and arts and crafts
  • Special field trips have included a TGNC-only pool party, cooking classes, and indoor rock climbing
  • Tuesdays, 4:30pm-6:30pm, Spring 2020 dates: February 2, 2020 -May 5, 2020

For more information about What’s the T? and how to join group, contact Kyla at

Community Health & Wellness Access (outside of LYRIC)


For general information about LYRIC’s TGNC Health and Wellness, contact Program Manager Bishop (they/them/their) at