LYRIC’s Resource Pages have been curated by LYRIC’s Get LIT Summer 2019 program in which LGBTQQ youth researched and compiled information they deemed relevant and important for LGBTQQ youth locally and anywhere around the world!

Housing Navigation Services

LYRIC is a designated Coordinated Entry site for homeless or marginally housed transitional age youth (18-24 years old). We can help with Problem Solving and Housing Assessment to prioritize youth for housing in the community through our Housing Assessment and Navigation services.

Hotlines & Emergency Services

San Francisco and US National hotlines and emergency services including mental health and wellness, harm reduction, and violence prevention.

Legal Resources

San Francisco and US National legal resources focused on LGBTQQ and immigrant communities.

LYRIC PrEP Navigation

PrEP Navigation with LYRIC Youth Advocates includes HIV/PrEP use counseling, setting up medical appointments, insurance navigation, and regular follow ups to continue supporting you in your PrEP journey.

LYRIC Youth Love…

A curated list of  educational and informational multimedia, websites and pages Get LIT Summer 2019 deemed important for youth (and parents) to learn more about the diversity of genders and sexual orientations in the LGBTQQ community!

Sex Worker Safety Checklist

A checklist for safety planning for sex workers which includes resources for organizations supporting sex workers in the Bay Area. This checklist was created by sex workers, SWAG participants, for sex workers. Uploaded is a downloadable and printable document. Pocket cards are available at LYRIC.

Last update: 8/14/2020