Open House

Welcome to LYRIC

The theme, created by UndocuWorkforce interns, leads the way for this evening’s commemoration of LGBTQQ youth and LYRIC’s anniversary. It reminds us of the importance of preserving, honoring and remembering our identities and to always give voice to our individual and collective histories. And to always call in dazzle & flair!  

Like many of you, LYRIC youth and staff have had to quickly adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and our shelter-in-place.  For some, this happened in the middle of an internship, group, or program. The creativity you will see today further proves just how flexible, powerful and lit youth are!  

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Take A Tour Of LYRIC

Join us below for a virtual tour of LYRIC narrated by three LYRIC youth. Walk through the virtual open doors with us to find out what it’s like to visit LYRIC, learn some fun facts, and more. Download the script of the tour here.

My Identity, Our Hxstories Gallery

This virtual gallery-opening honors and celebrates art created by current LYRIC youth. Like the theme, My Identity, Our Hxstories, created by the UndocuWorkforce interns, the artists in this gallery show pieces of themselves–who they are, how they connect to history and community, their power, their resistance, and more. Join us as the youth unveil new artwork for the very first time in this gallery!  Click full-screen view, or download to closely view each piece. If you are having trouble viewing any of the components, please refresh your browser.

Transforming Our Stories:
A Journey Through Art

Sex Talks Workbook

This Is Our
Castro History Tour
Artwork by K.T.
TGI ‘n FINE Zine
Artwork by K.T.

LYRIC Throwback!

In this section, you will find pictures, videos and memories to celebrate the past and receive our bright and queer future.

How to get involved

Wanna be a LYRIC youth? Wanna join our programs?

Click on the image to find out more about each program and resource.

Looking for resources during COVID-19?

Community Support Corner

We are happy to celebrate our 32nd anniversary with community sponsors and community supporters that stand with us in leadership, strength and solidarity. Thank you for your support. LYRIC Community stands stronger together!

“We believe love, kindness, support, and acceptance develops inner
strength in our youth.  With this strength they can live more powerful
lives and change the world in wonderful ways!” 

For Your Eyes Only Optometry

Our community depends on the work that nonprofits like LYRIC do to
support LGBTQQ youth and we look forward to your doors being open
to the community again soon. 

Mission Bowling Club

ImagiKnit we believe it’s important for LGBTQQ youth to have a voice. Youth is our future. We support the efforts of LYRIC to empower
our SF LGBTQQ youth community. 


Every child deserves this but sometimes love and acceptance aren’t easily accessible. LYRIC creates this kind of supportive environment for LGBTQQ youth. 

The Boombox Studio

Tell Us About You

We want to know who you are and thank you for being a part of our community. Click on the below link to let us know that you were here at our open house.

Thank you to all for joining us and celebrating LYRIC’s 32 years!

To current LYRIC youth: This Open House would not exist without you.  Thank you for trusting us with your creativity, identities and stories & staying connected to us during this unprecedented time. Shout-out to the FD/Youth Working Group youth leaders for envisioning this virtual Open House, narrating the tour, creating the memes, and more. To view LYRIC’s response to COVID-19 shelter-in-place, visit us at