LYRIC Fellows

LYRIC Fellows


Kelsey is a trans chicanx who is an SF native born and raised in the Mission. They are passionate about health education specifically catering to trans/queer folks of color. Kelsey creates an impact in their community by showing up and presenting themselves as a young non-binary person. Kelsey has a passion to work with youth and children about bringing awareness about LGBTQ+ issues into the classroom. Around this work, they are open about explaining their gender identity to those who may not understand. They are learning new ways to love and take care of themselves to be the person they needed when they were younger. Kelsey loves to play soccer, ride their penny board and loves to try new food.

KrAy LiT  is a multi-talented indigenous non-binary individual. They developed a passion in creating a space for others who carry such similarities at a very young age but discovered a lack of equality between each trait existed both for others. Overtime they have accomplished bringing awareness to this reality by creating art around it and showcasing it throughout the world in numerous of ways. It wasn’t until they began strictly writing and working on stage performances that they realized they want to use their love for the performing arts to assist others in mixing their lives with what they are passionate about and sharing their masterpiece by result of such a combination with the world. They believe that together we could render the existence of status, poverty, inequality, and all other things unjust and inhumane; one youthful piece at a time.”


Mina (they/them) is a first generation Queer, Indigenous, Coptic Egyptian, Non-Binary activist who leads through education, multi-media art, and community involvement. They have worked in workshop facilitation & creation for two years (2015-2017). During that time they worked with campus communities in educating students, faculty, and staff on numerous social, cultural, and political issues. They spend their days working part time at a jewelry store, taking short sweet walks around Lake Merritt, painting, and photographing. They are a Gemini for justice, are fond of safe spaces, and love to sing and look at memes on their free time. Mina’s looking forward to growing in their expressions of activism, art, and self-confidence through the lyric fellowship.


Rose is a gender non-conforming system with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Throughout their childhood they moved constantly from town to town all across California until they finally found a sense of home and healing here in the Bay Area. Now Rose looks to provide others with that same feeling that they have found. It is through this fellowship that they hope to find the tools that will help them give back to a community that has given them so much. In time, they plan to further their education and work towards becoming a therapist specializing in mental illness within the LGBTQQ+ community. Even though they are relatively new to the area Rose is quickly building a social circle through which they are eager to meet and help new people. When not socializing, however, you can often find Rose in a quiet room reading.

Tiff is a queer third-generation Chinese-American born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County. Tiff has roots in college campus activism, rural Vermont carpentry and queer & trans Swedish circles, and returned to the Bay Area to shape home(s). Tiff is enthusiastic about creating networks of care specifically for elders and youth, learning about relationships and trauma, and challenging ableism, assimilation and liberal facades. You’ll find Tiff biking, resting, and reviving a visual art practice.  or writing a book, meditating, or possibly even playing a video game to relax.


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