Leadership Team

Cris Pajatin Youssef

Data and Evaluation Manager

Cris Pajatin YoussefCris Pajatin Youssef, Data and Evaluation Manager, is a queer, Egyptian/Filipino/Japanese trans man from Southern California, where he created culturally competent workshops, discussions, and support for LGBTQQ youth. Raised in the L.A. area, he moved to San Francisco to attend SFSU and get his M.A. in Social Psychology, focusing on prejudice and discrimination toward those who identify as and/or experience being on the trans and/or gender non-conforming spectrum. As a former LYRIC intern and participant, Cris rejoined the LYRIC team as a Youth Advocate and gave back to the community that helped him so much when he first moved to the Bay Area. He then transitioned to the role of Data Analyst then to his current position, and is excited to combine elements of his experience in research, evaluation, and direct service work. Cris is involved in HIV/AIDS activism and research focused on health and well-being.  When he’s not focused on work, Cris is usually spending time with his animal children, stuffing his face with good eats, and enjoying artsy fartsy things. Cris can be contacted at 415.703.6150 x 112 or cris@lyric.org.

Denny David

Deputy Director

Denny David is the Deputy Director here at LYRIC. He grew up in Seattle, WA and became involved in social justice issues at a young age, learning about labor issues, urban poverty, economic globalization, and U.S.-Mexico border policy. He attended Grinnell College, where he earned a B.A. in Religious Studies, continued to do work around globalization issues, and became involved in anti-sexual assault work. In 2002, he interned with LYRIC’s Health and Wellness Team and was hired as a Program Coordinator shortly after graduating from college in 2003. He was promoted to Program Director in 2006, and to his current position in 2009. He is passionate about anti-oppression issues and seeks to support young leaders who work for social justice. Denny can be contacted at 415.703.6150 x128 or denny@lyric.org.


Jodi L. Schwartz

Executive Director

Jodi_LYRIC_Prof PhotoJodi L. Schwartz had the honor of becoming LYRIC’s Executive Director in 2005. She has over 30 years of experience in nonprofit work and an ardent commitment to social justice. During Ms. Schwartz’s tenure at LYRIC, she developed San Francisco’s first LGBTQQ youth-specific case management program and facilitated the formation of the Community Partnership for LGBTQQ Youth – a seven-agency continuum of services for LGBTQQ transition age youth (ages 16-24). Additionally, she led the launch of capacity building initiatives to promote LGBTQQ youth inclusion in San Francisco’s behavioral health and workforce development systems, in San Francisco’s public schools, and in youth organizations citywide. Ms. Schwartz is an invited participant in the prestigious Gap Inc. Leadership Initiative and Bank of America’s Neighborhood Builder’s Leadership Program and was named a 2013 LGBT Local Hero by KQED/Union Bank. Before joining LYRIC, Ms. Schwartz was the Managing Director of Resource Development Associates – a consulting firm working to strengthen public and nonprofit efforts to promote social and economic justice for vulnerable populations, and the Executive Director of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice – a private, nonprofit criminal justice organization she co-founded to reduce society’s reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems. Throughout her career, Ms. Schwartz has worked with youth and their families in their struggle to disengage from the juvenile justice system, has been an advocate for youth to succeed in and out of school, and has supported youth in serving their peers and the broader community through civic activism and youth philanthropy. Ms. Schwartz began working for social justice as a teenager, during which time she was fortunate to have mentors of all ages. These relationships solidified her belief that for true social justice to exist, every generation’s contributions must be seen as invaluable. Stemming from her life experience and personal values, Ms. Schwartz believes that sustained achievement of positive social change must be a collective community effort, where everyone shares in leadership and visionary roles. She works to ensure that youth, in particular, are afforded opportunities to give voice to their stories and are supported as community leaders, now and in the future. Jodi can be contacted at 415.703.6150 x119 or jodi@lyric.org.

Kristin Chun

Program Director

Kristin Chun is a born and raised native of San Francisco. Growing up as a queer, bi-racial lesbian, she has dedicated her career to working with youth. Kristin has an M.A. in Psychology and has been a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 2006. Before joining LYRIC, Kristin spent 6 years providing therapy to public high school students in San Francisco and 11 years as director of a successful school-based mental health program at Richmond Area Multi Services (RAMS).

Kristin can be contacted at 415.703.6150 x125 or kristin@lyric.org.

Natalia M. Vigil

Communications and Development Manager

Natalia M. Vigil, Communications and Development Manager, grew up in San Francisco and is the oldest of 6 in a family of Chicano artists and community organizers. She is excited to brings her expertise as a  coordinator, writer and curator to her work at LYRIC. As a San Francisco youth, she was a youth leader through Peer Resources and has continued to work with youth in social justice non-profits. Before joining LYRIC she worked for Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth and with a range of other work experiences including working with religious communities, running a women’s center, and assisting in organizing the first DREAM act lobby day and national conference in DC.  In her work and art, Natalia strives to create moments of cross-racial/cultural/class collaboration. She is the co-founder of Still Here, a performance and community dialogue project that explores the experiences of Queer/LGBTQI individuals raised in S.F.Outside of work Natalia can be found dreaming and scheming with other artists, watching movies, and playing soccer with her little brother. Natalia can be contacted at 415.703.6150 x124 or natalia@lyric.org.

Nina Rubin

Program Manager

Nina can be contacted at 415.703.6150 x115 or nina@lyric.org.

Yosmay del Mazo

Program Manager

Yosmay can be contacted at 415.703.6150 x130 or yosmay@lyric.org.