Community Building Groups

Community Building Groups



Navigating relationships can be tricky, Good Lovin’ is a space where youth (24 years and under) can learn from each other skills that support healthy relationships.

Learn about non-violent communication, safe sex practices, navigating trauma, creating meaningful relationships and get some tips on navigating small communities.

Come get some food and earn a $10 gift card a session for participating the whole session.

Start date: 1/16/2019
Meets every Wednesday, 3- 5 pm
Arrive before 3:30 pm


What’s the T?

Open to Trans & Gender-non-conforming youth 18 years old and under.

Hot food and gift cards available at every session. Groups held primary in English, on 2nd floor or ground floor
Elevator access between ground floor and 2nd floor. Essential oils and fragrance used in bathrooms and air purifiers on every floor. Single stall gender-neutral restrooms

Start date: 2/19/2019
Meets every Tuesday, 4 – 6 pm
Arrive before 4:30 pm


Sex work is work! SWAG stands for Sex Workers’ Advocacy Group. It is a safe space for youth (ages 18 to 24) who are or have been in any way part of the sex industry to meet other youth and support each other. SWAG creates an environment in which youth can share their experiences, learn from each other on how to stay safe and negotiate AND get some delicious food together. Come get some coin! Group participants earn a $10 gift card for attending a session.
Start date: 1/31/2019
This is a private group. If interested to participate, please inquire by contacting Priya, Youth Advocate, at