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Staff Positions

Contract Specialist

Full-time  (40 hours per week)

A new position, the Contracts Specialist role will be the primary staff person handling the administrative responsibilities for LYRIC’s substantial portfolio of government contracts. More broadly, the Contracts Specialist will support LYRIC’s Finance Manager in developing and maintaining efficient and effective financial operations and ensures that appropriate policies, procedures and internal controls are maintained to safeguard the organization and facilitate effective non-profit financial management. The Contracts Specialist’s role requires outstanding organization, problem-solving, stability, consistency, flexibility, interpersonal skills, and professionalism. For more information and to apply, please see LYRIC Contract Specialist Job Description.

Program Manager

Full-time  (40 hours per week)

Program Managers are highly skilled youth development practitioners and nonprofit leaders who play a critical role at LYRIC overseeing the coordination of one or more program areas, providing direct services to youth, and supervising frontline staff. The Program Manager is responsible for working in collaboration with the entire LYRIC staff, board, and community of youth leaders, fostering alignment across strategic initiatives and organizational functions. Program Managers provide capacity building/technical experience in their areas of expertise, engage in system-level advocacy efforts, and may serve as a member of LYRIC’s leadership team. For more information and to apply please see the LYRIC Program Manager Job Description.

Program Coordinator

Full-time  (40 hours per week)

Program Coordinators are highly skilled youth development practitioners that play a critical role at LYRIC in areas of program planning, implementation, and evaluation. Program Coordinators facilitate the leadership development of youth, guiding program participants through a set of challenging and interesting skill-building opportunities in school-based and community-based settings.  Program Coordinators develop and implement program curricula, facilitate and supervise teams of youth, conduct outreach, and coordinate community events. Program Coordinators provide capacity-building trainings to promote LGBTQQ youth inclusion across multiple systems and engage in LYRIC’s learning and evaluation efforts to enhance our understanding of best practices in serving LGBTQQ young people. For more information and to apply please see the LYRIC Program Coordinator Job Description.

(Last update: August 16, 2019)