Sitting In My Room by Ose Hosea, (Queer Educator 2009-2012)

Sitting In My Room by Ose Hosea, (Queer Educator 2009-2012)

In 2008, I was a part of a faith-based youth organization in Berkeley, California called Represent 2 Witness (R2W). This song “Sitting In My Room” was the second song I wrote. It’s based on internalized oppression.  I came up with the melody that inspired me to write and collaborated with friends who I met through R2W on the lyrics. It brought up a lot of truth for me because, at the time, I hit my downfall and was struggling with my identity, my faith, my culture, but most of all, my sexual orientation. Every time I perform this song, it’s always a new explanation on what the song means. I enjoyed every moment working on this song. It reminds me of being in my own world thinking about my life and the expectations that I have of people and myself.

LYRIC gave me the opportunity to sing this song for the very first Open Mic/Spoken Word Session and I felt the love from participants. I got a standing ovation, reached out to my own LGBTQ community, and brought out a part of me I didn’t know was there. Music in general has always been a passion of mine and still is today. I am currently a music major at City College of San Francisco, hoping to transfer to Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. Songwriting and singing gives me a perspective on things. Expressing my feelings, culture, and who I am as a person brings realness to me. I hope that I can one day create a track in the studio and see where that’ll take me!

Sitting In My Room by Ose Hosea

Well I’ve been sittin’ my room feeling so blue
reminiscing of the thoughts of how it use to be cool
lonely days and lonely nights just made my melody low
Don’t you know I loved it so
Never let those fantasies go, you know
Cause I’m tired about me thinkin’ bout you
matter fact I’ll wrap my world around you
Til you see the truth, yeah
Such a pain I have to lose a memory
Every minute, every second, is my everything I need

Just know I loved you so
Never let me go
Let my music flow
So just know

Cause I’m sitting in my room
wondering where my faith has gone?
not feeling blue
Cause I’m sitting in my room
wondering when that comes back to
my life one day

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