My Rebirth by Brittanee L (Queer Educator 2010-2011)

Name:Brittanee L

Age: 13


I walk along the path
Unknown to others,
Newly discovered by me.
And see the colors.
They dance with each other,
But not with those unlike them.
Blue with blue,
Red with red,
Green with green,
With pink.
They are happy this way,
By the constant glares
Of the others who look in their direction,
Pointing, laughing, making jokes.
Blue is happy with blue.
Red is happy with red.
Green is happy with green.
Is happy with pink.

If this path
Were to be discovered,
The colors would fade,
Not showing their true selves,
For fear of being ridiculed,
For fear of being laughed at.
So blue joins pink,
Green with red.
Constant pain of this mask,
Trying to please all,
Not being what
They were meant to be.

But slowly, the colors separate.
Blue joins blue,
Red joins red,
Green joins green,
Joins pink.
The others point, laugh,
But the colors don’t mind.
They never apologize
For who they are.
They never apologize
For being what the others hate,
For what makes themselves happy.

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