Coming out by Pantalones (Queer Educator 2010-2011)

When I was a wee lass (like 13) I started my collection of cute women folks. I never really thought about why I liked doing this or what being gay was, i just knew that I wanted jessica alba in a swimsuit on my wall. later during my middle school and high school years, there would be times where i would have these strange feelings for girls. but I would always think it was because of what they were wearing or their style.

Much later after several horrible attempts of dating boys with very very awkward moments of kissing that shall never be mentioned ever again, I had my first girl crush. she was a young white emo punk fairy girl. she was a junior and liked to randomly bite me, which now that i think back on it, was a little odd……….hhhmmmmmmmm

After getting into high school and leaving the somewhat awkwardness behind, i went on to high school and met the love of my life who I now date and love with all my heart and couldn’t be happier.

<3 <3 <3 Pantalones

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