Baby Locs: Coming Out by Baby Locs (Queer Educator 2011-2012)

I arrived in this world on Feb.1993

Withheld my identity my mom did not  know of well of course she knew i was born as a female

I was born with a culture

There it held my Cuban roots and enough “Machismo” for a woman to have posture and nicely fitted clothes

I on the other hand was in between both

Didn’t feel the confort of the waiste line jeans hugging my hips with a shirt that says “I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND” in -Pink nor Victoria Secrect launduray (Though SOME perfumes do smell lightweight good) Ahaa..

But Relax with my jeans in style as the wind blows them side to side and as simple as a white-T

No, No, No i don’t call it coming out the closet

I would call it being myself Baby Locs

This is me and very proud of who i am today nothing changed

I Love women aswell as i love myself because then who will

-One Love, Baby Locs

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