Allies in Faith

Allies in Faith


an Interfaith Network for LGBTQQ Youth!

Launched in Fall 2013, Allies in Faith: an Interfaith Network for LGBTQQ Youth is a LYRIC initiative calling together leaders from diverse faith traditions to challenge their communities to create safe spaces for LGBTQQ youth to be a part of their congregations through intentional allyship.

Allies in Faith aims to nurture the spiritual life of primarily low-income LGBTQQ youth of color in the Bay Area by:

  • inspiring and fostering a network of faith-based communities that celebrate LGBTQQ youth
  • involving LGBTQQ youth in broader progressive religious movements
  • advocating with LGBTQQ youth in pursuit of youth’s social justice goals

Allies in Faith:

  • We are committed to opening dialogue with our entire faith community around how we can more authentically stand in support of queer youth.
  • We are committed to creating space for adults to learn and ask questions about the complex identities of queer youth and issues impacting them in today’s world.
  • We are committed to a better understanding of how we can create safety for queer youth in our own faith community.
  • We are committed to using our voice and influence to advocate for the issues impacting queer youth and participate in conversations as strong allies.
  • We are committed to supporting queer youth community-based organizations and direct service providers by empowering them to continue meeting needs of queer youth.
  • We are committed to embracing what we know, what we do not know, and what we will soon know, and sharing it with others.

Allies in Faith are committed to becoming stronger allies. Though, how that ultimately looks for each faith community is not a given. Our call is to embrace, heal and strengthen queer youth as they grow into adulthood and facilitate the self-love that will help queer youth become resilient for the challenges they face now and in the future.

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If you’re an ally in faith and ready to take action, join us today!

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